Saint of the Day

Pope St. Gelasius I (5th century)
As pope, Gelasius fought several heresies of fifth century. He insisted on the primacy of the bishops of Rome, and ordered communion to be received under two forms, bread and wine, in order to separate the wine-refusing Manicheans from the Catholics. He organized and beautified the liturgy, and was a great writer of that period.

Reflections from the Saints

Our Lady's love is like a stream that has its source in the Eternal Fountains, quenches the thirst of all, can never be drained, and ever flows back to its Source.
– St. Marguerite Bourgeoys
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Life in Christ: Catechism #2495

"It is necessary that all members of society meet the demands of justice and charity in this domain. They should help, through the means of social communication, in the formation and diffusion of sound public opinion." Solidarity is a consequence of genuine and right communication and the free circulation of ideas that further knowledge and respect for others.