One Bread, One Body - Reflection for November 24, 2020


"These things you are contemplating – the day will come when not one stone will be left on another, but it will all be torn down." –Luke 21:6

Jesus predicted the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the world. Matthew, Mark, and Luke put these two predictions together. This is sometimes confusing because we don't always know whether Jesus was referring to Jerusalem's fall or the world's end.

However, there are at least two benefits from joining the two predictions. First, since Jesus' prediction of Jerusalem's fall was fulfilled in 70 AD just as He said, we have every reason to believe that His prediction of the world's end will be right on target. Second, the fall of Jerusalem is a prefigurement of the world's end. We can learn from this past event how best to prepare for the future destruction of the world.

Jesus knows what He's talking about. He knows the future and how to prepare us for it. If we listen to Him, we will neither be misled nor perturbed (Lk 21:8, 9). When we "see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with great power and glory" (Lk 21:27), we will stand erect and hold our heads high (Lk 21:28), for we will be harvested by Jesus for His everlasting kingdom (Rv 14:16).

PRAYER: Jesus, may I repent and receive Your mercy instead of procrastinating and receiving Your judgment.
PROMISE: "As I watched, a white cloud appeared, and on the cloud sat One like a Son of Man wearing a gold crown on His head and holding a sharp sickle in His hand." –Rv 14:14
PRAISE: St. Andrew Dung-Lac was one of 117 Christians martyred in Vietnam between 1820-1862. The last martyrs were 17 lay persons, one of them a nine-year-old.

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Reprinted with permission from Presentation Ministries, a lay association of the Catholic Church that focuses on evangelization and discipleship through Bible teaching, daily Mass, the charisms of the Holy Spirit, and Small Christian Community. Their ministries include:

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