One Bread, One Body - Reflection for September 20, 2023


"You will know what kind of conduct befits a member of God's household, the Church of the living God, the pillar and bulwark of truth." –1 Timothy 3:15

Christians sometimes conceal rather than reveal Christ by conduct unbefitting "a member of God's household." We act "like children squatting in the city squares," self-centered and full of complaints (Lk 7:32). We often make the Christian life look like a drag, fulfilling our "Sunday obligation," doing only the minimum, out of so-called love for God.

Additionally, Christians have trouble with their mouths (see Jas 3:8). It's questionable whether we gossip any less than non-Christians. In many ways, we're just about as worldly as unbelievers. How many churches raise money through gambling and selling beer!

The Lord calls us to project a different image — His image. We must "hunger and thirst for holiness" (Mt 5:6) and in every aspect of our conduct be holy as Jesus is holy (1 Pt 1:15, 16). Christians and churches that are not holy but lukewarm cause Him to become nauseated (Rv 3:16). Let's live for God with no compromises.

PRAYER: Lord, have mercy and forgive me.
PROMISE: "God's wisdom is vindicated by all who accept it." –Lk 7:35
PRAISE: St. Andrew's companions in martyrdom included bishops, priests, men and women, married and unmarried, children and young people, and the elderly.

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Reprinted with permission from Presentation Ministries, a lay association of the Catholic Church that focuses on evangelization and discipleship through Bible teaching, daily Mass, the charisms of the Holy Spirit, and Small Christian Community. Their ministries include:

· One Bread, One Body
· Daily Bread Radio Program
· Annual Bible Institute
· Discipleship Retreats
· Guadalupe Bible College