Saint of the Day

St. Joseph Pelczar (1842-1924)
Joseph, a doctor of theology and a canon lawyer, was a Dean of Theology at the University of Krakow. He started hundreds of libraries and wrote over a thousand books. Later, as a bishop, he built churches, nurseries, kitchens, homeless shelters, and schools.

Reflections from the Saints

Earthly ideals are fading away. I see the ideal of life in sacrifice, and the ideal of sacrifice in priesthood.
– St. Joseph Pelczar
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Life in Christ: Catechism #2101

In many circumstances, the Christian is called to make promises to God. Baptism and Confirmation, Matrimony and Holy Orders always entail promises. Out of personal devotion, the Christian may also promise to God this action, that prayer, this alms-giving, that pilgrimage, and so forth. Fidelity to promises made to God is a sign of the respect owed to the divine majesty and of love for a faithful God.