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Saint of the Day

St. Wolfgang (924-994)
Wolfgang joined the Benedictines in Germany and was appointed head of a monastery school. He set out with a group of monks to preach in Hungary, but returned to become the bishop of Regensburg. He helped reform the clergy of his diocese, restored monasteries, promoted education, and was renowned for his charity and aid to the poor.

Reflections from the Saints

Turn yourself round like a piece of clay and say to the Lord: I am clay, and you, Lord, the potter. Make of me what you will.
– Bl. John of Avila
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Life in Christ: Catechism #2474

The Church has painstakingly collected the records of those who persevered to the end in witnessing to their faith. These are the acts of the Martyrs. They form the archives of truth written in letters of blood.