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Saint of the Day

Bl. Rafal Chylinski (1694-1741)
Rafal, called "the little monk" as a child, gave up his career as an officer in the Polish cavalry to become a Franciscan priest. He was known for his simple but challenging sermons, and for his generosity in serving the poor and the homeless.

Reflections from the Saints

Fly from bad companions as from the bite of a poisonous snake. If you keep good companions, I can assure you that you will one day rejoice with the blessed in Heaven; whereas if you keep with those who are bad, you will become bad yourself, and you will be in danger of losing your soul.
– St. John Bosco
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Life in Christ: Catechism #2515

Etymologically, "concupiscence" can refer to any intense form of human desire. Christian theology has given it a particular meaning: the movement of the sensitive appetite contrary to the operation of the human reason. The apostle St. Paul identifies it with the rebellion of the "flesh" against the "spirit." Concupiscence stems from the disobedience of the first sin. It unsettles man's moral faculties and, without being in itself an offense, inclines man to commit sins.