Saint of the Day

St. Agatipus (259-274)
At fifteen, Agatipus was thrown to the wild beasts in the arena, but they did not touch him. The judge therefore ordered him to be beheaded. His heroic martyrdom was an example to many early saints and martyrs.

Reflections from the Saints

The devil will try to upset you by accusing you of being unworthy of the blessings that you have received. Simply remain cheerful and do your best to ignore the devil's nagging. If need be even laugh at the absurdity of the situation. Satan, the epitome of sin itself, accuses you of unworthiness! When the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future!
– St. Teresa of Avila
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Life in Christ: Catechism #2219

Filial respect promotes harmony in all of family life; it also concerns relationships between brothers and sisters. Respect toward parents fills the home with light and warmth. "Grandchildren are the crown of the aged." "With all humility and meekness, with patience, [support] one another in charity."