Saint of the Day

St. Lawrence of Brindisi (1559-1619)
Lawrence was the chaplain of the army of the Holy Roman Empire. He once led an army against a superior force carrying no weapon but a crucifix, and the enemy was completely defeated. He was also an accomplished diplomat, a brilliant theologian, and a mystic.

Reflections from the Saints

God loves all creatures in and because of Christ. Christ is the first-born of every creature, and the whole of humanity as well as the created world finds its foundation and meaning in him.
– St. Lawrence of Brindisi
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Life in Christ: Catechism #2343

Chastity has laws of growth which progress through stages marked by imperfection and too often by sin. "Man... day by day builds himself up through his many free decisions; and so he knows, loves, and accomplishes moral good by stages of growth."