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Saint of the Day

St. Lawrence Ruiz (1600-1637)
Lawrence was a Filipino layman, a father of three. When he was wrongfully accused of murder, he sought asylum aboard a ship carrying several Catholic missionaries to Japan. When they arrived, they all were tortured and killed for their faith.

Reflections from the Saints

I am a Christian, and I shall die for God, and for him I would give many thousands of lives if I had them.
– St. Lawrence Ruiz
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Life in Christ: Catechism #2419

"Christian revelation... promotes deeper understanding of the laws of social living." The Church receives from the Gospel the full revelation of the truth about man. When she fulfills her mission of proclaiming the Gospel, she bears witness to man, in the name of Christ, to his dignity and his vocation to the communion of persons. She teaches him the demands of justice and peace in conformity with divine wisdom.