One Bread, One Body - Reflection for March 9, 2018


"Take with you words, and return to the Lord." –Hosea 14:3

Return to the Lord, or you will collapse "through your guilt" (Hos 14:2).

"Return to the Lord; say to Him, 'Forgive all iniquity' " (Hos 14:3).

Return to the Lord, for He will heal your defection and love you freely (Hos 14:5).

Return to the Lord; because of Him you "bear fruit" (Hos 14:9).

Return to the Lord, for He is merciful and will not remain angry with you (Jer 3:12).

"Return, rebellious children" (Jer 3:14), and He will appoint over you shepherds after His own heart who will shepherd you "wisely and prudently" (Jer 3:15).

"Return, rebellious children," and He "will cure you of your rebelling" (Jer 3:22).

"Return to Me, says the Lord of hosts" (Zec 1:3).

"Coming to [our] senses at last" (Lk 15:17), let each of us say: "I will break away and return to my Father" (Lk 15:18).

PRAYER: Father, make my weekly or monthly Confessions turning points of my life.
PROMISE: "Hear, O Israel! The Lord our God is Lord alone! Therefore you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." —Mk 12:29-30
PRAISE: After the death of her nobleman husband, St. Frances took the "lowest place" (Lk 14:10) by entering the convent as one of the humblest of sisters. God soon raised her up to the role of a superior.

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Reprinted with permission from Presentation Ministries, a lay association of the Catholic Church that focuses on evangelization and discipleship through Bible teaching, daily Mass, the charisms of the Holy Spirit, and Small Christian Community. Their ministries include:

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